Union of Lublin and Ukraine

By: Bogdan Shutka The Union of Lublin, which was signed on July 1st, 1569 in the present day eastern Polish city of Lublin had everlasting effects on Ukrainian lands and could be seen as the starting point for addressing the starting point of a modern Ukrainian nation-building and development. In its long term aftermath [...]

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The distortion of reality and the defeat of truth: Russia’s celebration of Victory Day

By Gregor Razumovsky The year 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven`s birth; undoubtedly a reason to celebrate for both music afficionados and Austrian tourism agencies alike. Yet with all due respect to one of mankind greatest composers: the destruction in 1945 of Adolf Hitler`s regime of terror will presumably be better [...]

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Interview  with Gregor Razumovsky

By Vasyl Korotkyi, published by Ukrinform in June 2019 Question: Mr. Gregor, repeated assertions by Russian historians who state that your ancestor Kyryllo Razumovsky and your entire family is to be identified as Russian. Could you as first representative of your House bring clarity into this question? Well, first of all, let’s try to [...]

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